I was to go to India on a short visit and in the visit I wanted to fix up many of my dental problems. I had a small cavity between my upper molar teeth and wanted to replace my cap which was fixed previously in my lower front teeth. Also, I was looking to close the gaps in my upper front teeth. I thought it is ridiculous to fix all these problems in just 2 weeks.

But when my husband and I found Deivam Dental Clinic through internet and contacted him (via) mail, we felt so happy with his response and his confidence that he can solve these issues in the short time. Dr Rajarajan in the very first consultation, he checked my teeth completely and gave the clean solution for all the problems. In just two visits, he worked overtime, to replace my caps with the best quality ceramic porcelain cap. He with his smile make over treatment has improved my smile a lot better. I am very happy and satisfied with his treatment. The price was also very reasonable. I have to say that he is very efficient, the best and a very honest doctor.