LANAP With Laser

LANAP stands for Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure – a surgical laser treatment for periodontitis (gum disease or bleeding gums) which uses the theory of regeneration. Lasers emit narrow, intense beams of light at specific wavelengths. LANAP is applied with the diode laser that melts the diseased tissue achieving good hemostasis and effective clotting that is one of the goals of the procedure. The laser reaches into the periodontal pocket to remove diseased tissue. The surface of the root is then cleaned with ultrasonic scalers and a blood clot is formed. Once the clot is stabilized the bacteria does not re-enter the periodontal pocket. The enamel is reshaped to adjust any bite inconsistencies. Over the next 6 ??? 12 months bone regeneration and reattachment of connective tissue occur.

Laser lanap treatment in madurai

Benefits of LANAP:

LANAP is one of the most high-tech alternatives as against traditional surgery for gums. An intelligent technology, it uses the laser for restoration rather than removal.

The several benefits to LANAP:

Oral health: LANAP is a highly effective procedure and can drastically improve the oral health of a person by completely removing the disease-causing bacteria subsequently reducing the risks of stroke, heart disease, and pancreatic cancer, which are caused due to periodontal disease.

Invasiveness: Since LANAP is a minimally invasive procedure the loss of healthy gum tissue is reduced and teeth are saved from more trauma and infection. Healing periods are relatively shorter with the procedure.

Time: The procedure does not take much time when compared to traditional surgery. Where traditional surgery can take up to 4 sessions, (not inclusive of suture removal and subsequent check-ups) LANAP takes only up to 2 hours and about 2 follow-up visits to complete.

Safety: LANAP is extremely safe for all patients ??? even those with health concerns.

Bloodless procedure: Since the procedure does not involve cutting, it is bloodless and provides highly accurate results.

laser gum disease treatment in madurai

Treatment at Deivam Dental Clinic

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