Full mouth rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation is one of the difficult things to manage. This procedure includes replacement of tooth structure and also restoring the lost vertical dimensions. Connecting the science of Neuromuscular Dentistry with the artistry of Cosmetic Dentistry, the full mouth rehabilitation has become easier. Full Mouth Rehabilitation creates a smile that is functional, comfortable and beautiful.

Using state-of-the-art technology, the dentist determines the jaw’s muscle function in both stressed and relaxed points by conducting computerized scans.

If an imbalance is diagnosed, the dentist will either go for orthotic appliance or fit the patient with dental restorations. The orthotic is a removable or fixed appliance that artificially builds up the patient’s bite to a comfortable resting position. For patients who wish to remove the orthotic, full mouth restoration is normally preferred.

After the orthotic has been worn for several weeks to several months, the jaw naturally drops into its most comfortable position. Only then can the doctor begin to restore the bite. He will use beautiful porcelain restorations that can raise or lower the bite to achieve the most comfortable jaw position. With this correction, patients experience decreased or eliminated pain and discomfort, and better overall health.

If you are suffering from following symptoms, you are a candidate for Full Mouth Reconstruction:

  • Headaches or migraines
  • Loosing tooth
  • Facing from teeth worn, broken, chipped or cracked
  • Pain or soreness around the jaw joints
  • Facial, neck, shoulder and/or back pain
  • Clicking or jarring sounds in jaw joints
  • Experience restricted jaw movement or have locking jaw
  • Unexplained numbness in my fingers and arms
  • Unexplained congestion or stuffiness in my ears
  • Vertigo
  • TMJ problem (temporomandibular joint syndrome)

Dentistry is a quickly evolving field. New treatments are being created while the old ones are being perfected. Twenty years ago, dental implants were a dream for many patients. Now, they are a proven reality. Dental lasers are the latest technology eliminating or preventing certain gum diseases. Smile makeovers are becoming more common with dental veneers and/or metal-less porcelain crowns. New technological advancements are constantly improving the dental procedures, enhancing the patients’ comfort; such as, metal-less removable partials.

Dr.Rajarajan, dentist, will help you decide a proper treatment scheme. In Rajarajan’s hand you will become 100% successful. This is where the full mouth rehabilitation specialist really shines. He will ensure that the end result is the same-a lovely smile and a more confident you.