Root Canal Treatment Procedures

Root canal treatment is the process by which a dentist treats the inner part of a tooth. When the cavity extends beyond the Enamel and Dentin and progresses to the pulp, it gives rise to serious pain. In such a situation, before a filling can be done the infection has to be removed from the canals of the tooth. This treatment is called root canal treatment.

root-canal-treatment Each tooth’s nerve enters the tooth, in general, at the very tip of its roots. From this entry points, the nerve then runs through the center of the root in small “root canal” which subsequently join up with the tooth’s pulp chamber as has been shown in the figure alongside.

Steps involved in root canal treatment
1. Placing a rubber dam around your tooth

First step is to numb the tooth. The next step before the treatment begins is to stretch a sheet of rubber around the tooth, called the “rubber dam”. It is held in place by a small clamp that grasps the tooth. The purpose of a rubber dam is to keep the tooth saliva free from any contamination. Since one of the major task of root canal therapy is to clean bacteria out of a tooth, and since saliva does have bacteria in it, the placement of a rubber dam keeps the tooth away from any bacteria while yor root canal treatment is being performed.

2. Gaining access to the nerve area of tooth

For performing the root canal treatment your dentist must first gain access to that are inside the tooth where the nerve tissue resides. This is done by using a dental drill and making an access hole that extends down to the pulp chamber of the tooth.

3. Cleaning the tooth

The next step for your dentist is to clean the interior of your tooth. i.e, the pulp chamber and all root canals. The cleaning process is done by using “root canal files”. These instruments are files and are used as such. With the help of series of root canal files, each of increasing diameter, the dentist will work them up and down using a twisting motion, to scrape and scrub the sides of the tooth’s root canal.

4. Placing the root canal filling material

Once the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned the dentist will fill in and seal up its interior by placing the root canal filling material. Sometimes he will want to place filing material the same day after the cleaning is done.

The treatment procedure will take depend upon a number of factors- different teeth have differing numbers of root canals.

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