Myofunctional Apliances

Myofunctional therapy or orofacial myology is the treatment procedure performed to correct the orofacial muscle imbalance. This problem may lead to an incorrect swallowing pattern. Oral myofunctional therapy is a form of oral facial orthopedics. It involves exercises and stimulation designed to inhibit inappropriate oral behaviors and strengthen appropriate oral muscle functioning.

Myofunctional appliance holds the lower jaw forward and guides eruption of the teeth into a more desirable bite while helping the upper and lower jaws to grow in proportion with each other. Patient compliance in wearing this appliance is essential for successful improvement.

Many dentists and orthodontists are now using myofunctional therapy to get fabulous results. Many times myofunctional therapy is built into the treatment plan from the beginning.

With the aid of myofunctional therapy, the doctors can achieve 3 goals-appropriate normal oral resting posture, clear and easy speech articulation, and appropriate normal oral stage swallowing.

Some of the symptoms of Myofunctional disorders are:

  • Severe headache
  • Neck pain, oral habits such as thumb or finger sucking, nail biting, lip licking, or hair chewing
  • Tongue may come forward against the teeth when swallowing
  • Tendency for grinding/clinching of the teeth

The Myofunctional treatment helps the patients in a better way. The problems like encourage nasal breathing, develop a lip seal, implement a palatal tongue rest posture, encourage bilateral chewing, work on proper sleep posture as well as eating posture, introduce the “:bite, sip, and swallow back” motion.

The myofunctional treatment has been done at Deivam dental clinic, Dr.Rajarajan helps the patients in so many ways such as increasing awareness of mouth and facial muscles, increasing awareness of mouth and tongue postures, improving muscle strength and coordination, improving speech sound productions and improving swallowing patterns.

Here, at Deivam dental clinic, patients are treated with unique treatment methods.