Orthodontics- Ceramic Braces

Forget about the typical metal bracing. Ceramic bracing is capturing the world of dentistry. Ceramic brackets are made of composite materials. They are very strong and generally do not stain.

Ceramic Braces have many advantages which are clearly brought under the roof of cosmetic dentistry. Clear Ceramic Braces advantages include being more subtle and less visible and being never called as a metal mouth like some people get called with metal braces..

The following factors will be taken into consideration for ceramic braces and for the course of the treatment

  • The strictness of the crookedness of the teeth
  • Necessity of tooth extractions
  • Whether jaw surgery is required
  • Need for special appliances
  • How long the braces will be worn

Ceramic braces are more preferred because of their smoothness, and smaller size when compared to metal teeth braces. Ceramic braces can also be produced in desired colors so that their color blends well with the color of the individual’s teeth. Therefore, it is not easy to identify whether or not the person is wearing any teeth braces. Ceramic braces are made from a special type of material, which includes ceramic.

When ceramic braces are utilized, then orthodontic methodology associated with then patient’s treatment is essentially the same as that with traditional dental braces. By their nature however, the ceramic brackets that are placed do have less strength and are more brittle than their metal counterparts. And because of this the treating orthodontist may feel it is necessary to slightly modify the patient’s treatment plan when clear braces are used.

The days of the traditional dental braces are numbered due to the popularity of ceramic braces. These braces are more subtle and smaller than the earlier ones. These braces are also stain resistant and do not become discolored with time.

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